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  1. 1.Cabling
  2. 2.Installation
  3. 3.Programming
  4. 4.Training
  5. 5.Maintenance


Smart home system requires a new generation type of electrical wiring. Control devices on the wall (mechanical buttons, touch buttons, touch screens, etc.) are cabled only with bus interface cable. When you need to perform some action, these devices shall communicate to the actor device or controller and the decision shall be taken for its implementation.

Depending on the lighting management type we can also provide specialized wiring. This applies as well as to heating appliances, powered curtains and blinds.

The controlled devices require very good maintained and structured electrical distribution board.

All these requirements can be covered only in the presence of a complete and comprehensive detailed design of the system.

Installation of devices

After the construction activities’ completion (painting, wallpaper, paneling and etc) we proceeded to the control panels and electrical distribution board mounting. At this stage all lighting, heating and cooling units, motorised curtains and blinds, and all electrical appliances that will be subject to control should been already installed.


The programming of the system can be divided into two stages.

The first stage covers the button and controllers programing, as well as describe the connections between them. After completion of this stage, the system is already functioning, but is similar to the standard installation.

The second stage is connected with the development of the graphic user interface of the system. It is unique for each project and implements centralized and integrated management that are subject to the smart system.


The whole system is built for intuitive and easy use. The process of learning is short. Its goal is to clarify how to use the system (user friendly interface) and to use all its features and functionality.


After the system is handed over usually the period of 6 months for free reconfiguration is provided in order to meet the new requirements of the customer. After this period we can agree for the warranty and after warranty services and maintenance.