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Your home is waking up with you

Early in the morning and the drapery control is activating and inviting the first sun rays in your room. Your favorite music starts; you can smell your morning coffee while you are still under your blanket. You are controlling everything with the applications via your mobile or tablet.

  • Multimedia control
  • Blind and drapery control
  • Meteostation - Smart Weather Station



Your home has its own life

The recent technology allows you to monitor your home remotely even while you are away. Indoor and outdoor cameras allow video monitoring inside and outside your home in HD from your Smartphone. Let your mindfulness and security be our care.

  • Video surveillance
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Flood sensos

Home comfort


Your home is just a click away

Save your energy and time by managing you home's heating and cooling system, wherever you are whatever you do. We offer the flexibility and dependability to make your life more convenient, safe and fun.

  • Heating control
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Easy access


Your home is waiting for you

You are entering into your home and garage door opens, all lights turn on; you feel the warmth and coziness, music greets you. It only remains for you to take a hot bath. No, this is not a dream, this is the smart choice for smart home.

  • Garage and Gate control
  • Multiroom audio and video distribution

Time for bed…


Every home can be smart enough

It is time to say goodnight – just don’t forget your mobile device. Relax, and with one click you can turn off the lighting, control the curtains, turn off the music. Don’t worry about anything else. Your home will wake you up again tomorrow morning.

  • Blind and curtain control
  • Lighting Control